Microblading eyebrows is a form of cosmetics tattooing that creates natural, beautiful eyebrows with a handheld microblade. Detailed realistic hair like strokes are implanted into the epidermis of the skin one by one to create the illusion of fullness. Microblading is considered semi-permanent with results lasting between 10-24 months. It is perfect for people who have overplucked or those who want to define, darken or reshape their eyebrows.




$350                Initial Session


$100                Touch-up:  4-8 weeks

$250                Touch-up:  3 months-2 years

*Deposit required for all appointments

Frequently Asked Questions

Does microblading hurt?

Topical anesthetic is used for numbing before and during your procedure. Pain threshold levels vary from person to person and every effort is made to ensure you remain comfortable for the entirety of the procedure. Most clients say it does not hurt at all! However, please note you will be more sensitive on your menstrual cycle.

How long does it last?

Cosmetic tattoo treatments are considered semi-permanent and will not wash off, however, they will fade over time and may need to be refreshed every 1-2 years. A touch-up is required 6-8 weeks after the initial procedure. Frequency of touch-ups thereafter depends on a number of factors including sun exposure, chemical peels (glycolic, lactic, etc.), how active the client is, and how fast each individual's cell turnover is. Please note that final results CANNOT be guaranteed as each unique skintype will hold pigments differently and break down at different rates. We will re-evaluate how your skin has received the pigment at your second session and make any changes necessary. Multiple sessions are normal for cosmetic tattoo procedures, with each new procedure requiring a minimum of 2 visits. Your second session can be booked no sooner than 6 weeks after the initial appointment. Additional sessions will be charged according to our current pricing.
Previously tattooed eyebrows may require one or two additional appointments and rarely achieve the same results to those who have no previous tattoo work because of the existing scar tissue and color under the skin, even if it isn't visible.

How long does the appointment take?

Appointments take about 2-2.5 hours, with most of the time spent going over colors and drawing eyebrow shapes. The microblading portion lasts 30-45 minutes.

What should I do before my appointment?

If possible please come to your appointment with your brows filled in the way you do them daily so we can get a general feel of how you'll be comfortable with your microblading result. If you have an ideal shape and colour in mind, bring a few reference photos with you to your appointment. The following restrictions are to ensure your skin is in the best possible condition for an amazing microblading procedure: Do NOT drink coffee or anything with caffeine the day of procedure. Do NOT take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E and/or Ibuprofen, omega-3, unless medically necessary, 48-72 hours prior to the procedure. Do NOT drink alcohol 24 hours before the procedure. Do NOT work out the day of the procedure as the body heat will expand the pores. Avoid heavy sunlight 3 days before your procedure. Skin should not be in process of healing before procedure, like sunburn healing. Avoid plucking, waxing, threading or any hair removal services within 3 days of your procedure. This can also trigger the skin healing process and should be avoided. The following treatments should be avoided within four weeks of the procedure: Botox or other fillers, chemical peels & laser treatments. If you have any questions about these restrictions, please give us a call! We're happy to help.

Who is ineligible for microblading?

Microblading is not recommended for those with oily skin or large pores. We do not provide microblading for people: Under 18 years old Pregnant or nursing Have: * Epilepsy
* Diabetes * Glaucoma
* Cancer or undergoing Chemotherapy
* Sick: (cold, flu, etc.)
* Pregnant or Nursing
* Autoimmune Diseases
* Major Heart Problems
* Viral Infections/ Disease
* Botox in the Past Month
* Skin Diseases such as Psoriasis, Shingles, or Eczema on or around treated area * Rash or sunburn on or around treated area
* An Allergy to Lidocaine, Tetracaine or Epinephrine. * An Allergy to Makeup * Keloid disorder * HIV/Hepatitis * Hemophilia * If you're taking Skin Medications like Accutaine and/or Steroids

Can I bring a guest to my appointment?

Please do not bring guests or kids with you to your appointment. We want the best for you and your cosmetic tattoo treatment. The county Health Department does not permit infants/toddlers or pets due to safety and sanitation regulations.

How will I look immediately after my appointment?

You may feel your new brows look darker and thicker than expected for the first few days. Brow color will gradually soften and shrink slightly in size during the complete healing process (6 weeks). Immediatly after your appointment you may experience little to no swelling and/or redness.

What should I expect after my microblading session?

The entire healing process will take from 4-6 weeks depending on your body regeneration and age. Your new eyebrows will go through several phases during the healing cycle. The pigment will appear very natural, immediately after the procedure. The next day the color of the pigment will appear much darker. Then you may experince flaking, peeling, and/or uneveness. After the recovery period (peeling), brows might appear lighter than original. This might give you the impression that the color is fading too quickly. Often even with proper care, clients may lose original hairstrokes which make brows look uneven. It is absolutely normal and apart of the skin regenaration period. That is the reason why most clients need a touch-up after 6 weeks. Once the healing of the skin starts taking place, it may look like dandruff flakes or dry skin. However, this is just superficial color and dry skin being naturally removed from your eyebrows. The final look of your eyebrows will be apparent approximately 30 days after your touch-up procedure. Never rub the treated area as it will disturb the skin from natural healing. Once completely healed (after 30 days), always apply a layer of sunscreen SPF 30 up to SPF 50 on your eyebrows when exposed to the sun. Sun exposure might cause the color pigment to fade away more quickly. When using foundation, be aware when applying to avoid your healed eyebrows. If foundation covers healed brows, your eyebrows will appear lighter. You can now enjoy your beautiful new eyebrows!

How many treatments are needed?

For most clients, a minimum of two treatments are usually needed, at least 6 weeks apart. With most procedures, the colour looks dramatically lighter after the first week. Some clients prefer this, while others opt for a bolder look. At the second session, we will assess the colour retention and make adjustments as necessary. Everyone heals differently and at different rates. If your cosmetic tattoo does not heal perfectly after the first session, do not worry! We can always go darker and add more density at your next appointment.

What factors will affect my cosmetic tattoo?

Sun exposure: The sun will extremely soften the look of your tattoo, so sunblock should be used (once healed) to prolong your enhancement (specially here in the desert). The regeneration of skin cells: The longer the regeneration takes, the longer the pigment holds. The speed at which the skin absorbs the pigment: The slower the absorption, the longer the pigment will hold. The choice of color: Some colors fade quicker than others, e.g. a blonde color will fade quicker than a dark brown color. The area of treatment: Enhancements to the face, for example, fade more quickly due to constant exposure. Bleeding during the procedure: Any bleeding during the tattooing procedure will reduce the amount of pigment absorption. Alcohol and certain medications act as blood-thinners and should not be taken prior to and following your appointment.

Is the studio & equipment safe?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on having an immaculate and sterile studio space. We only use single use, disposable needles and supplies. This means that each set-up for each new client is discarded safely afterwards. Each of our stations are thoroughly disinfected before opening and after each procedure throughout the day.

What studio policies do I need to know?

*Healed results will vary with each individual client and using a pencil or powder may still be needed. We have no control over what occurs during the healing process. Absolutely NO guarantee will be made and additional sessions (charged accordingly) may be required to obtain optimal results. Additional charges will apply. *PLEASE NOTE: If you have had your eyebrows previously tattooed and are interested in a cover-up/re-work, you MUST email us a clear photo PRIOR to booking your appointment. We cannot guarantee results for cases such as these and we must approve that your eyebrows are workable. In some cases where the previous work is too dark, dense, discoloured, or large, tattoo removal will be required before we begin the cover-up/re-work. Previously tattooed areas and cover-ups will almost always require additional appointments for best results and will be charged accordingly. *Although we give our best efforts to provide you with quality service, many factors can result in a less than desired outcome as each client will heal differently. *A deposit is required in order to book and confirm every new appointment.
This deposit is to ensure that you are serious about booking your appointment and will be deducted from the total cost of your session.
We require 24 hours notice if you decide to reschedule your appointment.
If you choose to cancel your appointment, you will automatically forfeit your deposit.
Please contact us if you are going to be late. Being more than 15 minutes late to your appointment may result in the forfeit of your deposit and the cancellation of your appointment. A new deposit will be required to re-book any appointment that was cancelled for lateness.
*Deposits are non-refundable. *Pricing is subject to change at any time. Please note that our rates may increase at any time and/or vary in the cases of travelling, events or in special circumstances. Travelling does not guarantee you an additional appointment in your hometown. You will need to arrange to come to our home studio for any future appointments. *Additional appointments will be charged according to our current pricelist. Your second session, if needed, may be scheduled no sooner than 6 weeks following your first session. We must give your skin ample time to fully heal and regenerate before tattooing it again. Refresher appointments are generally required every 1-2 years.